4 primary uses of Horny Goat Weed

The horny goat weed, Epimedium or Yin Yang Huo used to be an unknown herb that grows wildly in China and other parts of Asia. However, it is becoming popular worldwide not only because of its name but also because of its effectiveness in treating various kinds of conditions. Here are some of the top uses of horny goat weed. Aphrodisiac The ability of the horny goat weed to promote sexual wellness used to be a secret held by the Orient particularly by the Chinese. However, the horny goat weed has become famous even in the Western World today because of its aphrodisiac qualities. Taking the horny goat weed in any form can increase sexual desire and many men and women are taking the herb for this purpose. It acts like a testosterone supplement that increases the libido of both men and women who take in the herb. Erectile dysfunction The horny goat weed is also a known treatment for erectile dysfunction among men. This is the inability of a man to achieve or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. Some men who are taking in erectile dysfunction drugs are turning to alternative cures like the horny goat weed for fear of the side effects of the commercial drugs like blindness. The Icariin compound which is present in the horny goat weed increases the nitric oxide level which results to penile erection. This is the same compound found in erectile dysfunction drugs. Hay Fever Along with other herbs like Butterbur, Nettle, Licorice and Ginger, the horny goat weed is used by traditional healers to treat hay fever. This illness is triggered by exposure to substances like pollens which cause allergic reactions. The condition results from an inflammation which is said to be activated by a weak immune system. Atherosclerosis Along with other herbs like garlic, green tea, guggul and Psyllium, the horny goat weed can be sued to lessen the symptoms of Atherosclerosis. This is a disease that is characterized by the hardening of the arteries due to heavy cholesterol and calcium deposits. The same disease is not only identified with the heart condition but also in painful legs and joints. The horny goat weed may have been identified with sexual wellness but do not be fooled by its name and its reputation because it is also effective in treating other illnesses.